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KSCBA provides a voice to businesses in Kansas who support the economic value & societal benefits of medical cannabis. Our network of business owners and activists create a powerful community of Kansas residents passionate about medical marijuana legislation.

What We Offer

KSCBA members have access to our network & allows our organization to grow and create real change in the state of Kansas

Medical Cannabis Advocacy

We aim to provide accurate and honest information regarding the health benefits associated with medical cannabis.

Business Network Collaboration

Owners and representatives alike convene to create a network of passionate and empowered medical cannabis advocates.

A Brighter Future for Kansas

The societal & economic benefits of medical cannabis outweigh the resistance we've seen in the past. Join us in creating a brighter, more emboldened future for Kansas.

KSCBA Members Receive Exclusive access & Benefits

Get involved + join a network of like-minded kansas citizens.

KSCBA Leadership

The KSCBA is managed by a group of passionate advocates from right here in the State of Kansas. Meet our team –

J. Andrew Ericson

Co-President, COO

John Andrew “Andy” Ericson is the Co-President and Chief Operating Officer for KSCBA. Andy’s passion for Cannabis reform has been at the center of his work in patient activism and the professional cannabis industry since 2009. Andy has been active with many of the most influential groups in the fight to establish law-given rights for both patients and recreational users. He has quietly begun to rise to prominence within the cannabis community, now active in Missouri as well, and heading an organization aimed at bringing commerce and economic progress to Kansas. Starting with a brief position as Publicist for The University of Kansas’ NORML chapter, at 18, he went on to work with the Kansas Medical Cannabis Network, and has established a strong passion for social and market economics. In his professional life, Andy has fused those passions, creating a new standard in the insurance market, forming an agency tailored to serving only cannabis industry professionals and Marijuana Related Businesses (MRBs).

Andy began working in the insurance industry in 2018, alongside his father, who owned an agency for 30 years. Together with their partner, Erin Montroy (Co-President at KSCBA), they launched GreenSeed Insurance, building a new class of policies that are specifically built and customized for cannabis business owners and tailored to suit the individual needs of each unique business model. He has striven to create a space within the community where his clients can feel secure in the protection of their most valued assets, because they are working as a team, alongside their fellow activists, friends, and neighbors. He has also been featured in Greenway magazine, the largest business-to-business cannabis publication in the State of Missouri, discussing the complications and complexities of insurance in the cannabis market.

Erin Montroy

Co-President, CEO

Erin Montroy is the Co-President and Chief Executive Officer at KSCBA. Erin brings her experience in executive business operations to the insurance industry as well as a passion for the legalization of Cannabis in every community in the United States. She comes from the pharmaceutical industry, giving her a unique understanding of various medicinal needs and how they must merge together in creating a balance in overall health. She strives in promoting an individualized approach to medicine, allowing for the use of cannabis to treat many ailments currently being managed by, sometimes lethal, prescription drugs. She also has a personal stake in the game, treating and managing her daughters ADD through traditional pharmaceutical medication as well as CBD therapy.

Erin has combined her business experience and advocacy with her partner, J. Andrew Ericson, to create GreenSeed Insurance, an agency specializing exclusively in the cannabis market. GreenSeed has developed a new business model within the insurance industry, offering cannabis-tailored business policies built and customized to cover the unique needs of every Marijuana Related Business owner. She has achieved success in building strong, interpersonal relationships with Insurance Companies, allowing her to provide each and every coverage an MRB owner may need. She strives to work in her community as a teammate in the fight for reform and aims to ensure that individuals operating cannabis businesses are fully protected and secure under her watch. She has been featured in Greenway Magazine and The Evolution, and hopes to bring real change in governmental policy with KSCBA through outreach and community service.

Chris Issinghoff

Director of Policy and Government Affairs

Raised in Hutchinson, Chris Issinghoff began his journey with medical cannabis when he was first diagnosed with Psoriatic Arthritis. Chris became a patient and caregiver while in college in Colorado which led to exploring a career in the burgeoning medical cannabis industry. Working his way up from budtender to managing 11 licenses in Colorado, Chris continued gathering experience and knowledge as a consultant specializing in compliance and operational design. In 2015, Chris and his company were awarded a dispensary license in the State of Maryland, 1 of 80 dispensaries currently in operation. Chris prioritizes patient experience and compliance in all operations because he understands that patients are at the heart of the medical cannabis industry.

Lisa J. Sublett

Secretary & CMO

Lisa Ash Sublett is the Secretary and Chief Media Officer for KSCBA. She is also a wife, mother of seven, and grandmother to three. Lisa has been involved Kansas advocacy for medical cannabis for eight years, and she is one of the three founders of Bleeding Kansas Advocates and their current President. Her organization is well established in Kansas medical cannabis advocacy circles and national advocacy circles. Their enduring fight on behalf of patients has done much to drive the cause forward in Kansas.

Lisa has lobbied for medical cannabis at the Kansas capitol for six sessions, consecutively, and she has helped write several medical cannabis bills, research compilations, and FDA comments. With her many years of advocacy experience, she brings solid representation of the patient and caregiver voice to the Kansas Cannabis Business Association. She comes from a background in radio, newspaper and marketing. A lifelong Kansas City area resident, she was born on the Missouri side and has lived on the Kansas side for the last thirty-two years.

Ric Koehn

Treasurer & CFO

Ric Koehn is the Treasurer and Chief Financial Officer for KSCBA. An accountant by trade, Ric has a long history in working in the community, volunteering his services for the betterment of the public. He spent many years working in the summer youth recreation program at his church, helping the youth and people in need. Ric was raised, and therefore raised his family, to be kind and fair to everyone they encounter. He became active in politics in 2012 at the local and State level, working to bring fairness to his community and to Kansas in general. This political activity eventually brought Ric into contact with groups that advocated for the safe and legal access to medical cannabis. He learned of the many people that were suffering and dying due to lack of access to a plant that could bring relief, where dangerous pharmaceuticals failed.

Working within this advocacy brought to light the truly dark side of politics; where personal interest for power and greed trumped compassion and caring. It is for those reasons that Ric found his niche working in accounting and compliance for multiple organizations, including as the Treasurer for Bleeding Kansas Advocates and with the Libertarian Party of Kansas.

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