Kansas Cannabis Business Association

Providing a brighter vision for the future of medical cannabis in the State of Kansas.

Our Focus

Activism & awareness are at the core of our mission. With the support of community members and businesses alike, we aim to create changes to Kansas medical marijuana laws & legislation for the betterment of our society.

Medicinal Benefits

There are a number of benefits to medical cannabis. Our organization hopes to spread awareness of these benefits while empowering the medical community to embrace a new era of treatment options.

Community Building

Real change requires the cooperation of businesses in the majority of Kansas industries. Together we can create a network of business owners ready to work together in order to grow the future.

Legislative Change

While community & business support are vital to our mission – the ultimate goal is to create permanent policies in Kansas with regard to medical cannabis laws and legislation.

Our Partners


Membership Plans for all advocacy levels

Contributions and annual memberships help our mission become a reality. Consider joining our network of business owners and activists from the Kansas community committed to helping medical cannabis grow the future.

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Your support and contributions enable the KSCBA to meet our goals and improve our resources + presence in the Kansas community. 

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